Swedish Drone Laws

What you need to know about flying a drone in Sweden 

Planning to travel to Sweden with your drone this summer? Want to know when and where you can fly or the permissions that you’ll need to obtain? 

Sweden is a liberal country, but they love rules. This means that they don’t overly police the use of drones, however, there is a clear set of rules in place for those that want to fly.
These rules make life as a drone pilot a little easier! 

You do not need a license to fly a drone that is under 7kg in weight, this means that you are free to fly all Phantom and Mavic models so long as you are compliant with the guides and rules set out by the Transport Agency of Sweden.

・Drones weighing less than 7 kilograms (15 pounds) shall be marked with the operator’s name and telephone number.
・No liability insurance is required for drones weighing less than 20 kg (44 pounds) and being used for recreational activities.
・If flying in the dark, the unmanned aircraft shall be equipped with lighting in such a way that the position and direction of the unmanned aircraft can be clearly understood.
・Prior to flying, the drone pilot will receive updated information about any restrictions or special conditions from AIP, AIP Supplement, NOTAM, County Administrative Board, Police and the municipality.
・Flights shall be made such that the drone is well within sight of the pilot.
・A flight in uncontrolled airspace may occur at a height less than 120 m (400 feet) above the ground or water.
・Drones may not be flown over nuclear power plants, prisons, nature reserves, and military areas.

All material that shows Sweden’s land area from the air must be approved for spridningstillstånd (distribution permission) before being published. These permissions are obtained from Lantmäteriet (http://bit.ly/lantmäteriet), who will notify you which material is approved to be published and which material isn’t. 

For more information or if you would like to check your permissions directly with Transport Agency of Sweden, contact them via this link: http://bit.ly/TAS-drone , to see an interactive map over where you are allowed to fly and not visit: https://daim.lfv.se/echarts/dronechart/ 

[Inspiration & extra information taken from: https://uavcoach.com/drone-laws-in-sweden/] 

All drone pilots that upload their footage to VReel have pre-approved their footage for distribution, ensuring that you don’t have to.

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