DJI Airsense, Does it Make Sense?

Last week DJI announced their latest development “DJI Airsense”, we take a look at what that means for us professional drone pilots and the drone industry as a whole.

What is Airsense?
Airsense is a feature that will be built into all new drones that DJI produce from 2020. It makes use of ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Sureveillance-Broadcast) technology that relies on satellite and radio waves to transmit and receive air-craft locations in real-time.

ADS-B technology is well established within the aviation industry. Having been adopted and implemented across most of the world it provides a framework for safe aviation activities and reduces the risk of collision.

How does Airsense affect drones?
Airsense will provide drone pilots with a real-time representation of aircraft positions within the local area. This will give drone operators better situational awareness allowing them to make better informed decisions while flying, reducing the risk of collision with aircrafts.

Local aircraft activities will automatically be detected by the drone with alerts being shown in the DJI app. The app will analyse the data and alert the drone pilot of potential collision risks and actions to take to avoid such a scenario.

Is Airsense a good thing?
Although this might seem like an extra restriction on the drone industry and an over policing of our activities, for conscientious and safe drone operators this will be a great tool. The ADS-B technology that will be fitted in the drones will be a receiving technology and not a transmitting one. This means that drones will not transmit a signal to aircrafts, therefore, the burden of action remains with the drone operators to avoid collisions and to not disrupt air traffic.

It looks like DJI Airsense is going to be a great feature for all drone operators by increasing safety of operation and giving better peace of mind. We hope that this can contribute to move the drone industry forward and improve our reputation within the aviation industry.

There are already more drones in the air than helicopters and planes combined, so any technology that increases safety and keeps us out of trouble is a good thing in my book!

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment below!

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